Central Madrid is not alone. 5 cities have anti-pollution protocols

by eezon • January 16, 2019

With the addition of central Madrid, traffic restrictions in major cities are once again capturing our attention. However, this proposal is another of those being carried out by the Council in its battle to lower pollution levels. Luckily, there are an increasing number of European capitals where anti-pollution measures are commonplace, including limits on traffic […]

The most sustainable cities of the planet

by eezon • December 25, 2018

Laying the sustainability bases in the cities  For almost a decade, intergovernmental cooperation on urban affairs among EU member states has been focusing on issues related to urban sustainability. The Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities (approved on the Informal Ministerial Meeting on Urban Development and Territorial Cohesion held on the Leipzig on May 2007) […]

Rediscover your own city with eezon e3

Rediscover your own city with eezon e3

by eezon • October 31, 2018

You will surely know a large part of your city, but we are convinced that there are still lots of places for you to discover, and you can do so with eezon.  Why not do so like you were another tourist in your own city? With the help of our social networks, we will create […]

Benefits of eezon e3

The benefits of eezon e3

by eezon • October 25, 2018

Zero emissions: it takes care of the environment The first thing you need to know is that eezon e3 is 100% electric, and that it is a zero emissions urban motorcycle. It does not emit either carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide, which are seriously harmful for the environment. According to Stefan Pierer, president of the […]