Do you need a special driving licence to drive eezon e3?

by eezon • December 28, 2018

You are one step away from enjoying the experience As a three-wheeled motorcycle, eezon e3 does not require a special driving licence in many countries. You can find your country on the table below:  

The prototypes that formed eezon e3

by eezon • November 23, 2018

How did we go about developing the eezon e3? Read on to find out. The VMS experience This project involved the development of prototypes for a number of three-wheeled vehicle concepts, all of which provided results which validated the superb performance of the balancing system developed and patented by VMS. 2011: »The A1 prototype is […]

EICMA 2018: Milan’s 2018 motorcycle show

by eezon • November 12, 2018

EICMA 2018: MILAN’S 2018 MOTORCYCLE SHOW Last week, a representation from eezon was present at the EICMA 2018, the International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition. Since its first edition, held in Milan in 1914, it has been one of the most important motorcycle events of the year, considering the number of exhibitors, visitors, workers and international […]

Benefits of eezon e3

The benefits of eezon e3

by eezon • October 25, 2018

Zero emissions: it takes care of the environment The first thing you need to know is that eezon e3 is 100% electric, and that it is a zero emissions urban motorcycle. It does not emit either carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide, which are seriously harmful for the environment. According to Stefan Pierer, president of the […]

eezon e3 travel around the city

Travel around the city with eezon e3 and respect the environment

by eezon • October 10, 2018

Ready to begin your eezon experience? You will certainly have lots of queries…but let´s start at the beginning: What is eezon e3? It is the 100% electric urban motorcycle that will take you wherever you want. With it, you will discover an endless number of new places in your own city that you still did […]