Would you like to clarify your doubts about eezon? See the frequently asked questions about this electric three-wheeled motorcycle!

Does it need a larger space to park than a conventional motorcycle?

The size of eezon e3 is smaller than other three-wheeled motorcycles. The rear wheels don’t take up as much room as you might think so you can park your eezon with your car in the parking space.

Are three-wheeled motorcycles less safe than a conventional one?

They used to be unsafe, but eezon is different. Its patented technology between its two rear wheels simulate the movement of a conventional motorcycle on bends. You can see how it works below:

What is the range of eezon? 135 km or more than 300 km?

The range of electric vehicles depends on how you are driving and your speed. In the urban area, users hardly ever exceed 40 km per hour, so the range will increase to more than 300 km. However, if you don’t control the speed, the range goes down to approximately 134 km. But remember, eezon e3 has different driving modes to control the consumption and increase the range!

And what about the speed?

We will launch different versions of eezon e3, so you will be able to choose whatever you want depending on your preferences. One of the versions will reach 100 km per hour!

Has eezon e3 got enough space for two users?

Of course, you can use eezon e3 with a partner 😉

Where is eezon being produced?

You can find us in Spain! We are producing and industrialising eezon e3 in the north of the country (but we will reach out many other countries…).

Is actually more economic to have an electric vehicle than a conventional one?

You would spend only 1 € per 100 km charging an electric vehicle, an impossible cost to beat. Not only that, but the cost of maintenance is tiny in comparison with conventional vehicles. In Europe, the cost of driving a petrol motorcycle is three times higher than the cost of driving an electric one. Don’t think any longer and join the change!

Do you need a special driving licence?

It depends on where you live, but you can find your country in our post and check it out. https://eezon.net/do-i-need-a-special-driving-licence-to-drive-a-eezon-e3/

You don’t need a special driving licence to drive it in many countries 😉

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