VMS Automotive

Mobility is an experience

VMS AUTOMOTIVE was founded in 2016 as a spin-out from the Marsan Group, an organization with over seventy years of experience in the automotive industry, an international reference in the automotive sector that provides services for the vast majority of global automotive manufacturers (BMW, Mercedes, PSA, Audi, VW, etc.) It is based in Spain, Portugal and Mexico.

VMS Evolution

After years of study and prototype development, VMS Automotive was born with a DNA defined by new mobility concepts, with the intention of making itself known in the market by launching an innovative, fully electric, high-performance three-wheeled vehicle created to provide a new user experience in urban mobility.

Autonomía de hasta 103Kms
en ciudad

eezon e3 dispone de dos posibles configuraciones que permiten alcanzar una autonomía urbana de 220 km o 325 km dependiendo del uso de la moto y el pack de baterías elegido.

Esta autonomía está obtenida según el ciclo de ensayo armonizado mundialmente para motocicletas (WTMC).

VMS Experience

A new damping and balancing system was developed by Marsan R&D department around 2010. It was awarded with an international patent in 2013. The surprising result of this system applied to a vehicle, led us to back this project and bet for it because of its huge growth potential given the current reality of urban mobility.

Market segments in different sectors

  • Delivery Fleets
  • Urban security
  • Assistance at destination