You will surely know a large part of your city, but we are convinced that there are still lots of places for you to discover, and you can do so with eezon.

 Why not do so like you were another tourist in your own city?

With the help of our social networks, we will create a little guide to different spots in different cities that you can visit using your eezon as your ally and go wherever you want with much more agility and speed.

Do you know that phrase: often the best things are just around the corner? Well, it is true! At eezon we are naturally restless and adventurous, therefore we are certain that escaping from routine, doing things differently and visiting places you had not been to before will make you see your city through different eyes. And, why not, you may even see it through the eyes of a tourist, experiencing it with the same excitement you feel when you travel to other places in the world outside of your comfort zone.

eezon places

Through Instagram we will create the hashtag #eezonplaces via which we and the eezon community will share favourite places in several European cities. Restaurants, parks, bookshops…places for relaxing, switching off and having a good time with your nearest and dearest. Thus, we will have a guide to the places to visit and not miss out on when we travel to different places in Europe. It sounds good, right? You will no longer have to worry about how, but rather where! eezon e3 will take care of the trip 😉

Social networks help us to discover new places. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare or the most popular social network in your area, you will find shops, restaurants, charming streets, interesting buildings that you had not seen before…it is very likely that you will discover places that are not very touristy or even that you will awaken a desire to visit somewhere you have not been to in a long time. It is perhaps a good time to recover some routines that you have not had in in a while and get back into them with a different perspective, don´t you think?

Do it with your eezon e3!