Where did the idea come from? Why call the company eezon? You’ll soon find out – please carry on reading.

What market need did we identify?

Motorcycles are one of the most efficient private mobility alternatives for transporting people. An effective means of transport for most solo trips, because they are agile, reducing the amount of time needed to move around the city, and because they take up less road and parking space given their smaller size when compared to four-wheeled vehicles.

This is also a highly efficient mode of transport from an environmental standpoint, especially in the emerging electric mobility context, such as, for example, the vehicle that VMS Automotive aims to develop in the future.

That said, motorcycles have a very important handicap when it comes to their social acceptance and viability as a mobility alternative: lower safety levels.

Motorcycles are less safe than other means of transport, primarily for two reasons that are intrinsic to their essence. These are vehicles that only have two points of contact with the road, making them somewhat unstable with the consequent risk of falling off. In addition, users riding on them are more exposed to their surrounding environment and to other road users, without the protection that, for instance, the bodywork provides for all car occupants.

Even though this is a widely known and generally accepted fact, delving into the statistics will throw some light on the matter and provide quantitative data revealing just how worrying these facts are.


Means of transport used Deaths per billion km per passenger
Aeroplane 0.06
Train 0.13
Bus 0.20
Car 3.14
Motorcycles 48.94
Figure 1: Deaths per billion km per passenger

The data is analysed on a European level given that this is the product’s target market.


 Why the name eezon?

 eezon is a disruptive electric scooter brand that positions itself in the safety territory thanks to its unprecedented bespoke technologies.

eezon is a word that has been conceived to be pronounced in English as “ease” + “on”. This way, we are communicating one of the company’s core values: to make mobility easy and risk-free for everyone.

Through the blue and green colour combination, we want to own the colours representing electric mobility and ecology.

The solution to today’s market needs is eezon e3, a safer and more sustainable option with patented technology ready to revolutionise the world of urban mobility.