Ready to begin your eezon experience?

You will certainly have lots of queries…but let´s start at the beginning: What is eezon e3?

It is the 100% electric urban motorcycle that will take you wherever you want. With it, you will discover an endless number of new places in your own city that you still did not know about, in a much safer way, thanks to its revolutionary patented technology and its two back wheels.


eezon e3 has a contemporary and modern, yet very minimalist design: it has everything you need. Its urban, functional and accessible aesthetic ensures your comfort, by paying full attention to every detail.

It feels light to drive, therefore you will simply need to worry about enjoying each journey as if it were unique, and it is also completely designed for daily life: A large trunk, a driving seat devised for men and women of all sizes, a balance assistance feature… you won´t be able to live without it! The most difficult decision? Choosing your colour.


Manoeuvre mode

This is an exclusive eezon function that will automatically activate and enable you to maintain stability at low and very low speeds without ever worrying about falling!

eezon e3 is designed to make things easier for you. Whether or not you have experience driving motorcycles, its smart handling system will even help you to maintain balance in the most difficult cases: with a pillion rider, on slopes… Also, as it has a reverse feature, you can move in the most difficult car park without having to even put a foot down on the ground.

Now it will be a lot easier to carry out any manoeuvre in reduced spaces, as it enables you to turn with greater agility and you can reverse without problems. Thus, you will only need to make the smallest possible effort, the eezon technology will maintain the vehicle´s balance.

Torque vectoring

At the forefront of safety. The exclusive configuration of eezon e3, with engines built into its two back wheel, helps you not to fall. When the sensors detect that a wheel is going to skid or that the motorcycle is losing stability, a computer intelligently manages the power in each wheel in order to ensure that you always stay in control. At present, no other motorcycle on the market can do this.

Patented DIDTS Balancing System

The “Dual Inertial Damping and Tilting System”, our own patent, makes it possible to combine the safety of three wheels with the agility of a conventional motorcycle in a single vehicle, thus offering a unique experience of control in order to travel around your city in total freedom.


Your eezon is 100% electric Not only will it be your faithful companion and enable you to travel wherever you want with complete peace of mind, you will also respect the environment while driving: zero emissions, greater autonomy and less CO2.

Eager to try your eezon experience? Let the journey begin!